This article is a list of titles which may proceed a person's name when adressed formally.  These are the magical equivalent to titles like Mister or Doctor.


Any mage who has shown magical power but has not yet earned a better title will use the title of Mage.

Education BasedEdit

Any mage who has proven to be capable of perfoming magic which is considered to be at the master level is granted the title of Wizard. As magical education has improved over the years, the current "master level" is substantially higher than it was in the past.Originally only elemental magic had to be mastered. Now magic from a variety of branches must be mastered. It is currently only possible to attain the title of Wizard by completing Mastery School.(equivalent to high school) Wizards are very abundant. Nearly every adult mage is a Wizard or better.

This title, Adept, is awarded upon finishing Post-Mastery School (equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree).

A mage who continues his education further after becoming an Adept, recieves the title of Sage.

Service BasedEdit

A Prophet is a mage who is a liscenced seer.

A mage who has faught in a war is a Warlock.

A liscenced healer is refered to by the title of Healer.

A mage who has made a significant contribution to magical knowledge (ie discovering a spell or proving a magical theory) is awarded the title Sorceror.

The title Noble is granted to anyone deemed worthy by the king.

The leader of a country (ie king or octribune) uses the title Lord.

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