Natasha Volesky
Biographical Information
Born 1995 Brooksen, Welfsadi
Physical Information
Race Human
Element Light
Sex Female
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Skin Colour Light
Loyalty Disowned
Occupation Kidnapper

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Natasha was raised in the Brooksen, Welfsadi. After going through puberty, she realized that she would never develop magical powers; she was human. She attempted to hide this fact from her friends and family because magi despise humans and being a human is punishable by death in Welfsadi. But inevitably it became obvious to everybody and she was forced to flee her home.

She felt immense self-hatred, disgust, and isolation. She stumbled across a group of mortals who call themselves the Disowned. They accepted her into their group.

They organised a public protest, outlining why they believe they have just as much right to live freely in the world as the magi. However, at this protest many of them were slaughtered. Natasha just barely escaped with her life.

The remaining members of the Disowned planned to flee to the mortal world by sneaking through The Portal (a heavily secure military building linking the magic world to the human world). They got caught half way through their attempt. Most managed to escape to safety. Natasha was stopped by a man who she believes is security. However, the man was in fact a Witch Burner (humans who wish to kill all magi) sneaking into the magic world from the human one.

They decided they are both on the same team and the Witch Burner took Natasha back to the Witch Burning base. Natasha saw that the Witch Burners are much better equipped than the Disowned. They had a machine capable of draining a mage’s power to be injected into a human. She was especially interested in this machine. However, she was denied access to use it.

Natasha told the Disowned about the Witch Burners and they began to work for them. Soon they discovered the Witch Burners planned to go back in time and kill the first magi. Seeing as all the Disowned were descendants of the first magi, they were deeply against this. They appealed to the Head Burner, but he let them know that they are not cancelling this plan.

The Disowned secretly planned to overthrow the Witch Burners from the inside. They released poisonous gas in the building. Everyone died but it was too late; the time traveller had already departed. Hours after the gas cleared, the time traveller returned claiming success. However, he became deeply frustrated to find the Witch Burners were dead and the magi and Disowned were still alive. He shot Natasha’s mentor before being shot himself by Natasha. The Disowned seized the building and they each injected themselves with magic powers.

Physical Appearance

Natasha is an exceptionally beautiful girl. She has luscious blonde hair and stunning blue eyes and the body of a super model. Her face look sweet, innocent, and seductive at the same time. Her appearance is one of her strongest assets. She was able to use her good looks into luring many boys off campus while appearing harmless.

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