Eldred Brooksen
Biographical Information
Born London, England
Died Brooksen, Welfsadi
  • Healer
  • Sage
  • Sorcerer
  • Lord
Physical Information
Race Mage
Element Water
Abilities Healing
Sex Male
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Skin Colour Light
Loyalty MPC
  • Healer
  • Octribune
  • King
 Brooksen is widely regarded as the most powerful mage of all time. He is the youngest person to ever master elemental magic and one of the few to master more than one. His most notable acheivement is his discovery of parallel worlds.

He was one of the eight Octribunes of Magea for the two years that the country existed. The country fell when Morgan grew mad with the desire for revenge against King Arthur. In attempt to keep peace between the two races, Brooksen closed the portal between the two worlds and fled to the Welfsadish Continent (North America). There, he set up a meritocracy-styled government and ruled as king until his death.

Despite his great acheivements Brooksen is often criticized for his cowardice. Throughout his life he has run away from many of his problems instead of confronting them. When his family was attacked by bandits he fled into the forest; when his group of peaceful protesters was attacked he ran away, leaving many to be slaughtered; when he was unable to create peace between magi and mortals, instead of fighting, he led the magi to the Second World; When Morgan confronted him about his cowardice, he fled to a different continent; When there was civil war within Welfsadi, he locked himself away in his castle and stayed there for the rest of his life.


Brooksen was born an only child. He first showed signs of water magic at age six, an exceptionally young age. He was trained by his parents, who were both aquamancers as well.

When Brooksen was eight, his house was attacked by a band of rogues. Brooksen fled from his house and into the woods. There, he was met by dryads, kind tree nymphs, who took care of him. They led him to a family of terramancers who lived in the forest. This family adopted Brooksen as one of their own. They taught him earth magic.

By the time Brooksen was eleven, he had mastered natural water and earth magic. This was an incredibly amazing achievement. Some magi do not even show signs of magic until the age of thirteen. Before Brooksen, the youngest age at which a mage had mastered an element was fourteen. And the concept of mastering two elements was unheard of.

Word of Brooksen's acheivements spread quickly and he soon became famous amongst magi. Brooksen did not appreciate the fame at first. He was a very shy boy, who didn't like to talk very much. However, when Merlin, the most powerful mage at the time, offered to train him further, Brooksen was very thankful for the fame.

Brooksen studied with Merlin for sixteen years. He was trained in the art of spellcraft and theoretical magic, both of which were very new concepts created by Merlin himself. Brooksen was soon inventing his own spells,

When King Arthur declared magic illegal, he gathered people to protest in front of the castle. However, Arthur's knights started to kill the magical protesters on site. Brooksen fled from the protest, leaving his allies behind. His lack of courage and leadership made him lose a lot of respect. People began following Morgan le Fay instead.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Before becoming king, Brooksen was a very skinny man with dark brown hair and blue eyes. However, during his reign over Welfsadi, he became quite fat.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Brooksen is considered by many to be the most powerful mage of all time. He is the youngest person to master elemental magic, and the first person to master magic from more than one element.

At a young age, he taught realized he had an innate talent for healing. Without the help of others, he practiced this skill and soon became the best healer in Camelot.

He later trained with Merlin, who taught him standard spellcraft and theoretical magic. Brooksen spent many years studying and researching, which earned him the title of Sage.


Brooksen had a strong relationship with his mentor Merlin.

Brooksen was allies with Morgan throughout the Forgotten War. Though they had many philosophical differences, they managed to get along well for quite sometime. They, along with six other magi, ruled over Magea for two years. The two seldom agreed on anything, but remained friends until Morgan declared war on mortals. Brooksen was forced to strip her of her power and seal the portal to the mortal world.


  • The Forgotten War 
  • Welfsadi 
  • The Disowned (mentioned only)
  • Brooksen's Academy (mentioned only)

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